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About us

We are mi-private, mi-breeders who first have a little British longhair black silver shaded, our lovely Princess, and who wish to live the born of kitten and to see the first month of baby kitten. So, we had a litter with Princess in 2008, and decided to keep on breeding after this wonderful experiment.

We are a young pair who live in Grenoble, with our babyboy. I studed Biology and Geology and I'm teacher, but I'm at home now to be with my baby son, and my boyfriend is in PHD in France and wants to become a researcher.

Once upon a time....

This passion for little feline was born with the arrival or Pacha at home, a house cat we found during holidays when he was a very little kitten, in the street. We love him, and as he was very playful, and seems to be bored alone, we decide to found for him a friend to play.

When we looked on internet, we fell in love with charm of British Longhair and it was the beginning of a beautiful story ! I knew, when I was moved each day more by the little kitten, that I would like to have kitten at home one day, and that it was a childhood dream. So, I decided to look for a lovely cat girl, who was very beautiful to be able to have cute and beautiful babies if we decided to have a litter.

After some month to learn about the british, on internet, in books and talking with breeders and admirers, Princess arrived in our life, and we was very happy.

Our cats live in our family, in the house, they are as "glue stick" and share all our life. It's a little happiness each moment of the day !